Old Town Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island is full of tradition and culture known for its narrow alleyways with donkeys roaming the streets. Although you can get guided tours of the town, it’s easy, safe, and fun to explore alone. If you choose to explore the town alone, here are a few stops you won’t want to miss.

Slim Silver smith

Slim Silver Smith AKA the Lamu Silver Smith creates one-of-a-kind silver jewlery. His signature pieces are the pendants made from remnants of Chinese porcelain, ancient cuttings of floor tiles.

Natural Lamu

If you love natural products for skin care, supplements, and cooking, Natural Lamu is on the way to the silver smith and worth stopping in. Natural Lamu uses ingredients that are indigenous to the area to create natural products that serve your well being while respecting the environment.

Fresh Ice cream

On a hot day, cool down at Fresh Ice Cream with delicious gelato. The ice cream shop has plenty of other snacks as well as coffee and tea and sits above the water allowing for a cool breeze.

Lamu Museum and Lamu Fort

The Lamu Museum and Lamu Fort are close together and worth visiting at the same time to get a better understanding of Lamu town. 
The museum hosts several exhibits around the history and culture of the people.
The fort is a three minute walk from the museum and an iconic landmark with a rich history.

Visit the Furniture Makers

Lamu is known for intricate furniture (Lamu beds are a particular favourite) and door woodwork that’s handcrafted in Lamu Town. It’s mesmerising to watch the artisans work on several corners and alleyways.

Al Hussein Halua Center

This sweet, semi salty, gooey, snack made from sesame paste/tahini and sugar/honey is a must-try. The Halua Center makes halua fresh so you can get a warm portion in a small cup or larger to take home.

Lamu Market

At one point as you explore Lamu, you’ll probably walk past or through the market with fresh fruit or vegetables. This is a great place to stop and speak with locals, learn a bit about the market, and snag a fresh piece of fruit or vegetable to snack on.