1. Be More Active

The gym isn’t for everyone yet many of us put “join a gym” at the top of our to-do list in the  New Year. We’ve found the key to staying active is to do activities you enjoy. Instead of going to the gym, try hiking with a group of friends, or instead of running on the treadmill, consider shifting your goal to something tangible and fulfilling like climbing Mount Kenya. Get active, stay adventurous.

2. Start a Daily Journal

A real “Nomad” would document their adventures and memories so they never forget! Journaling can be a good daily practice to write and reflect on anything that comes to mind. Writing down successes, highlights, memories, daily thoughts and  gratitude can be a rewarding habit. Going old school and putting pen to paper is the only way to do it!

3. Reduce Stress

Try meditating or yoga outside as a way to reconnect with yourself and nature. Meditating can be a lifesaver. It will help de-stress and allow you to stay in the present moment.  We also recommend shutting off that phone or laptop for a specific period of time, so stressful emails and texts don’t consume you.

4. Read Daily

Why not carve out some time to read a few books this year? You could start small and try to read a specific number of pages before bed every night, or even try an audiobook. Of course, we all wish we could find more time to read on the beach this year! Maybe this is the resolution for you.

5. Save Money

Maybe this is the year to start putting some money aside. It never hurts to save some cash for a rainy day. It also helps that Nomad allows you to book accomodation using discounted resident rates. Take a holiday in Kenya while working towards your financial goals!

6. Give Up Your Vices

We’ve been there… Somehow it’s January 3rd, you’re back to work, and you can’t seem to shake  those holiday blues. This year give Dry January (AKA an alcohol-free January) a try. You won’t regret it.

7. Be More Environmentally Friendly

Weather patterns all over the world have been out of whack for a while. Reduce your carbon  footprint by traveling in eco-conscious ways, supporting eco-conscious brands, and reducing,  reusing, and recycling.

8. Learn a New Hobby or Skill

As businesses become more accepting of remote work, why not use that extra time to learn a new skill in a new environment. We’re all about adventurous endeavours. Why not learn to surf? Or scuba dive? Or skydive? Kenya offers countless opportunities and destinations for you to learn an adventurous new hobby.

9. Satisfy Your Inner “Nomad” and Travel More

It’s what all Nomads do! 2021 was the year of re-exploring and re-discovering new and exciting locations within Kenya. We are here to help you plan your next adventure!