Most times, the design and decor of an AirBnB draws us to book it. Blinding white walls, cosy furniture, stunning landscaping; whatever your aesthetic is, there is an Airbnb out there that has it. Here are our top picks for Airbnbs in Kenya and Uganda that you’ll fall in love with.


Cottage In Diani

This feels like a little piece of Bali right in Diani. The pool sits right outside the short terrace through which peaks the minimally decorated bedroom. The interior features high ceilings that keep the place cool. The wooden furniture covered in cushions will tempt you to sink in and nap. The compactness of the place lends an air of privacy that is perfect for two. 

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Samatian Island, Lake Baringo


The minute you see this place, you will want to pack up your bags and visit. This stylishly decorated house is located 20 minutes from the mainland on Samatian Island on Lake Baringo. The house features Swahili inspired architecture and furniture paired well with other decor from around the world. This stay is perfect for lovers of open space and nature. 

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Fumbeni House, Kilifi

This house on a creek is stunning to view from the outside with its fort-like structure. Once you’re inside though, it is easy to see the Swahili decor inspiration with smooth white walls, arches and open windows that offer views of the garden. Outside, the infinity pool seemingly spills out into the sea with stunning views of the sun rising and setting. This is definitely a Kilifi gem. 

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Kiira Cottage

Set in the pristine grasslands of Kedong ranch, Kiira cottage sits comfortably overlooking Lake Naivasha. The interior features dark wooden furniture, entertaining games and a fireplace that bathes the common area in golden light that amps up the cosiness level. The star of the house however is the wooden deck that holds a pool and lounge area with a fire pit which makes it the perfect Naivasha spot for family and friends.  

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Ol Talet Cottage

Now here is a house that perfectly balances the traditional and modern aesthetic. The exterior resembles a cottage and you might be tempted to call it that with its thatched roof, wooden furniture and African art sitting proudly over the beds. However, the break into modernity comes from the stunning jacuzzi and pool that sit on the terrace facing rolling hills. Large glass windows, simple decor and warm fabrics come together to lend this house a very cosy vibe.

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Beautifully Designed Villa in Champagne Ridge

This house is aptly named. For all its muted colour, modern wooden furniture and glass doors, you might wrongly think that this house is smack in the middle of Nairobi. However this stunning villa sits on the rough terrain of Champagne ridge and offers you a scenic but modern getaway. Natural light dances elegantly across all the surfaces in this room and adds to the already breathtaking views and ambiance. 

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Baobab Cottage On The Nile

Across the border is this brilliant cottage that sits on the edge of the Nile river in Jinja. Baobab Cottage is an “Off-the-Grid, A-framed thatched building with a large deck with elegant free standing bath and six beds” that sits on well manicured gardens. The interior is simply decorated and the high ceilings guarantee that you won’t be boiling in the hot Jinja weather. 

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