The holidays are coming and we can’t wait to run away from the city in search of a break. The Kenyan Coast is beautiful (just take a look at Malindi and Lamu) but that doesn’t mean it’s the only place you can travel to this coming holiday. Here are some alternative destinations to unwind and soak in the sun this festive season. 


Over the years, Naivasha has opened up and become more than a town you stop in on the way to somewhere else. It is now full of stunning hotels, cosy Airbnb’s and quaint lodges that have the spot for people who don’t want to sit in a car for hours. If you’re planning on spending your holiday here be prepared to enjoy some peace and quiet as you take in the lush green scenery of this growing Kenyan town.

Here are some of the places we love in the area.


If you haven’t already been to Nanyuki then maybe it’s time you packed a bag, jumped in a car and took a scenic drive to this quaint town that is slowly opening up and becoming a spot for domestic tourists. Located close to the foot of Mount Kenya, Nanyuki is the next best place to enjoy a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re looking for a place that won’t be too full or too hot then this is the perfect town for that.

Here are some of the places we love in the area.


If you’re looking for an adventure then Laikipia is where you should be this holiday season. Not much might come to mind when you think of this place but we urge you to think again. Laikipia is rich with a culture that is largely untouched thanks to its location. It will be hot but not unbearable so you’ll be able to return with a tan that will rival anyone who decided to holiday at the Coast.

Here are some of the places we love in the area.


Maybe you’ve stopped by this city on your way to Uganda or been to visit family and friends but we can guarantee that there is still more to enjoy here. Kisumu is best enjoyed over the holiday season when you can spend more than 2 days enjoying all it has to offer. You could call this the second Coast of Kenya because you will find a beach to sunbathe on and stunning hotels as well.

Here are some of the places we love in the area. 

Champagne Ridge

This is not a specific town or place. It is a stretch of land in Ngong that overlooks the Rift Valley. If you stay here you’re in for a short drive that leads you to stunning views and a getaway not too far from the city. Accommodation here is affordable which gives you even more reason to book a holiday here and maybe catch a sunset or two.

Here are some of the places we love in the area. 


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