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The ultimate experience, helicopter safaris offer a thrilling and exclusive adventure or add on, elevating the traditional safari experience to new heights. Soaring over Kenya's breathtaking landscapes, our partner Tropic Air with over 25 years of experience offers tailor-made excursions that provide a unique perspective on the country's extraordinary diversity. From majestic mountains and serene lakes to arid deserts and lush forests, embark on a journey of awe-inspiring scenery and diverse ecosystems. Tropic Air The chopper's agility allows access to remote and pristine areas, granting rare encounters with wildlife seldom seen by traditional means. Glide over the Great Rift's tranquil lakes, witness the grandeur of the Maasai Mara's renowned wildlife, and explore the rugged beauty of Samburu and Laikipia. Landings in secluded spots offer the chance for exclusive encounters and intimate wildlife observations. For those seeking an unforgettable and privileged encounter with Kenya's natural wonders, a helicopter safari promises a truly exceptional expedition.


  • Aerial views - experience Kenya from a whole new perspective
  • Access to the most remote places - see the most rare, inaccessible and exclusive places in Kenya
  • Ultimate exclusivity - totally private experience
  • Unparalleled wildlife encounters

Trip Constellation Options

Day Trip   (Mount Kenya)

Embark on an exclusive 2-hour helicopter tour of Mount Kenya, Africa's second tallest peak. Departing early in the morning, savor breathtaking views of the snow-capped summit, verdant valleys, and lush forests. The tour includes a picturesque landing by Lake Michelson, where you can enjoy a delightful breakfast and try your hand at trout fishing. Ground time is flexible, ensuring a tailored experience based on your preferences and weather conditions. Led by experienced pilots, this safe and captivating adventure offers unique insights into the mountain's history, wildlife, and conservation efforts. Escape into the wild beauty of Mount Kenya and spend the morning amongst the snow capped peak of Kenya.



Day Trip   (Samburu)

Adventure to Samburu a 2.5-hour journey of soaring beauty and wildlife wonders. Witness the breathtaking landscapes of Samburu National Reserve from the air, famed for its vast elephant herds and the life-giving Ewaso Nyiro River. Touch down to explore the sacred summit of Ol Lolokwe, embraced by the misty high-altitude forest harboring rare birdlife, including Kenya's largest nesting colony of Ruppell's Vultures. Continue your journey to the iconic Naitodo granite outcrop, offering sweeping 360-degree views of the reserve's majestic plains. This exclusive safari promises an immersive experience into Samburu's wild heart, providing privileged access to its natural treasures and captivating wildlife.



Day Trip   (Suguta Valley & Matthews Range)

Embark on a thrilling 5.0-hour helicopter safari, exploring the mesmerizing Suguta Valley and Matthews Range. Departing at dawn, experience the stunning landscapes of Suguta Valley, Hoodoo, and Painted Valleys from the air. Glide over the Ndoto Mountains and the majestic Matthews Range, capturing breathtaking vistas. The safari includes two or three stops, offering opportunities for a delightful picnic amidst nature's beauty. For adventurers, an optional walk in the Cycad forest in the Matthews Range awaits. This exclusive and unforgettable helicopter expedition promises a day of awe-inspiring scenery and wildlife encounters, leaving you with incredible memories of Kenya's natural wonders.

Suguta_Naturuk (place of birds)


Overnight Trip   (Lake Turkana)

The ultimate overnight helicopter trip in Northern Kenya, a breathtaking adventure that spans two days and is our top pick. On the first day, guests soar across the Silale Crater, Suguta, Hoodoo, and Painted Valleys before arriving at Koros Camp in South Horr Valley for a leisurely lunch by the pool. Later, a scenic flight along Lake Turkana's Southern Shores and Lake Logipe offers views of majestic flamingoes, with a sundowner stop on the Suguta dunes. The next morning, the journey continues over the Ndoto Mountains and Matthews Ranges, with options to explore the Cycad forest and the cultural wonder of Samburu Singing Wells. This exclusive helicopter safari promises an unforgettable experience of Kenya's north - Kenya's best kept secret.





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Mount Kenya Climb



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