Rhino Tracking


A perfect add on to any experience, rhino tracking is a journey of excitement, education, and conservation advocacy. Led by experienced guides, you'll venture through the savannas of Laikipia or Samburu regions, carefully following the signs of these endangered giants. Witnessing these majestic animals up close is a truly humbling experience few ever have the chance to have.

Beyond the thrill, the journey serves as an educational opportunity. You'll learn about the critical conservation efforts in place to protect these magnificent animals and the delicate ecosystems they inhabit. As you gain insight into the challenges they face, you'll develop a deeper appreciation for nature's beauty and the urgency of preserving it.

Rhino tracking is not just an adventure; it's a chance to become an advocate for wildlife conservation. This encounter fosters a commitment to safeguarding these creatures for future generations, ensuring that they continue to roam the Kenyan plains for years to come.


  • Tracking rhino on foot
  • Experience behind the scenes of conservation
  • Endless untouched landscapes of northern Kenya
  • Incredible stays with conservation as their priority

Trip Constellation Options

Day 1-4   (Laikipia/Samburu)

Arrive by flight to your high-end lodge in Samburu or Laikipia regions both within the wild northern frontier of Kenya. For the next 3 nights you will have the opportunity to track these incredible animals on foot, a thrilling adventure that actively contributes to the protection of these endangered species. Beyond tracking, enjoy morning and evening game drives allowing you to take in the entirety of the ecosystem including elephants, the big cats and beautiful grazing animals. The morning of the 4th day you will depart via flight onwards to another destination to continue your adventure or head back to Nairobi for your international flight.

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