Mt Kenya was always a key fixture in Joseph Muriithi’s life. Today, having climbed it 102 times in a span of five years, the 24 year old certified guide shares with us a collection of pictures from his special “office”. 

Sendeyo Peak

View of the Sendeyo Peak as seen from Shiptons Campsite.

Lake Ellis

The Dendrosenecio Battiscombei plant with it’s rare but stunning yellow flower. It flowers once every 2 years.

Nithi Waterfalls

One of the many highlights of traversing the Chogoria Route is getting the chance to see the Nithi Waterfalls. Thunderous in the rainy season and calming in the dry season.

Augur Buzzard

One of the birds of prey often seen early in the morning or late in the evening soaring high hunting little mammals. It’s signature white belly makes this bird eye catching.

Lake Michelson

A view of the Lake Michelson rarely seen from this angle. When you have time and walk around the lake, you can get to this view by the caves of the Temple Wall.

Lake Ellis

A Dendrosenecio Battiscombei plant by the shores of lake Ellis a few months before it begins to flower. (Refer to image 7 for the flower

Sendeyo Peak

The Shiptons Campsite offers the best view of this often overlooked peak. Since it’s detached from the main big peaks, it’s easy to ignore. But there’s something about it that appeals to me so much.

Shiptons Camp

he best place to view stars is in the mountains. In this instance, incredible stars dotted the sky at Shiptons Camp and capturing the star trails seemed fitting.

Mintos Campsite

The view of (from the right ), Batian, Nelion and Lenana peaks as seen from Mintos Campsite.

A Giant Groundsel

A Giant Groundsel (Dendrosenecio) standing tall by the shores of Mintos Lake with Mount Kenya’s highest peaks in the background

A Summit Embrace

Friends share an emotional group hug muttering words of joy and happiness as they come to terms with how they’ve overcome the beast that is Mount Kenya.

Cloud sweeping across the Sirimon Route

One minute it was perfectly clear, the next minute a heavy cloud swept gracefully kissing the Chogoria Route and almost engulfing the Sendeyo Peak. It was a scene of breathtaking drama.

Hiking to point Lenana

A group of friends requested us to take them to the hiker’s summit of Mount Kenya. They battled the physical and mental challenge and eventually triumphed.

Joseph Muriithi (@andreyjosephs) works as a guide for his dad’s company, Polemark Tours

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