As a travel enthusiast, you’re probably thinking of a few romantic getaway ideas for Valentine’s Day. You can make these ideas come to life and treat yourself and your partner to beautiful views, luxurious interiors and just a wonderful experience at these incredible and romantic getaway spots. 




Ololo Safari Lodge

This lodge provides great views of the Nairobi National Park, the only park within a city. For Valentine’s, this is the place to be that’ll give you a true feeling of escape. If your partner loves wildlife and safaris, they will enjoy the scenic views and plush setting of this lodge. The hotel has three sets of suites; the terrace suite, the tower suite and the stable rooms. You can partake in bird watching and go for a game drive.  Prices start from KES 30,200 per night.


3 Tree Houses at Ngong House 

Ngong House has a legacy of having a friendly and gracious host and the luxurious tree houses make it one of the most captivating getaway spots within Nairobi. The interior part of the treehouse has a log cabin feel with polished wood. All treehouses are designed in the same way and some of them have bathtubs shaped as dhows. The property has an open fireplace as well as a bar area. This secluded property is a gem you will love on Valentine’s.  Prices start from KES 9,000 per night. 

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The Brandy Bus

If you have not been here, this is the time to head to Karen for an out-of-the-box experience. The Brandy Bus is actually an old bus that’s been renovated to accommodate guests. It’s cozy with a stylish space and has a beautiful surrounding of nature. Those seeking a break from the hustle of the city while staying a little adventurous will find this bus as one of the best fit. It’s also near the Karen Blixen Museum so you can head out for a little exploration.  Prices start from KES 10,000 per night. 

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The Container Cottage

This self-contained cottage was transformed from a painting studio to what it is today. It’s amazing how a shipping container provides such coziness to visitors. It’s great for those looking for some peace and quiet. The Container Cottage has an expansive outdoor space and there are a few dogs that just make you want to stay there forever. It’s a quaint space and one that’s perfect for a romantic getaway over Valentine’s weekend.  Prices start from KES 4,500 per night. 

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One-Stop, Nanyuki 

Just like the name suggests, it’s the one spot that has a little bit of everything. Ideally, this spot was built to cater to travellers plying the Nanyuki-Nairobi highway but the amenities are wonderful and therefore a great location for going for a mini-cation. The century-old house is one of the prime assets of One-StopNanyuki. It has three bedrooms with one room as a double en suite. There’s a private garden surrounding it and you get to enjoy scenic views of Mt Kenya and the Aberdare ranges. Additionally, One Stop has four cottages built in UK-style design facing Mt. Kenya with a swimming pool close by.  Prices start from KES 6,000 per night. 

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The Lakehouse, Tigoni 

There are a lot of things you will love about this place; the chef’s lip-smacking dishes, the Tigoni dam nearby where you can go for a boat ride, the peaceful surrounding of the area, the spacious lawns and gardens and more. It’s located in Tigoni, a small town focusing on coffee and tea farming which will give you a bit of a rural feel. It’s a relaxing and magical spot to be at and you’re likely to return with a bigger group of friends to experience what you just did.  Prices start from KES 27,500 per night. 

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Olohoro Onyore Ndogo House, Champagne Ridge

The views here are beyond stunning. Facing the Rift Valley escarpment, the house is built with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows allowing both light and wonderful views from the comfort of your room. It has a nice homely touch to it and great for couples. Olohoro is set on a cliff thus giving visitors a fantastic and dreamy experience throughout the stay. The food is fresh and delicious to make the experience worthwhile. Prices start from KES 30,000 per night. 

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