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Our Corporate and NGO Travel Programme is ideal for enterprise clients based in or with frequent business travel needs throughout Africa. We specialise in East and Southern Africa but we service most African destinations.

Essentially, the Nomad team takes on the time and responsibilities of booking and managing your travel and accommodation needs thereby freeing up your team and ensuring these needs are met to a cost-effective and quality standard.


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If you're seeking fresh and engaging approaches for team building, look no further. We have you covered, whether you're interested in day excursions or overnight expeditions. We can assist you in crafting the perfect combination of venue, activities, and downtime to enhance your team's cohesion. 

Your staff will no longer have to spend valuable time searching for the best deals or encounter logistical challenges in the field that travel professionals adeptly navigate. Gain access to our corporate negotiated rates, and we can even enrol you as a Travel Club member, unlocking additional perks for you and your organization as you continue to travel with Nomad!

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Looking for new and engaging ways to deliver team building? We’ve got you covered. From day excursions through to overnight expeditions, we can help you curate the perfect mix of venue, activities and downtime to build your team's power for the next 5 years! 

We can also provide quarterly expenditure insights at no additional cost in order to see how your business can save money.


Explore East Africa's wildest secrets, stunning wildlife, and offbeat adventures.


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