Chingwede House

The best beach holidays leave you romanticising a life by the ocean; the salty ocean air volumizes your hair in ways Pantene could never formulate, your skin glows in the late afternoon sun, your kids no longer spend their days in front of screens but instead learn through  doing and exploring the natural habitat around you. Most of all, you imagine what home would feel like: mornings with fresh tropical fruit, coffee and tea set on the patio overlooking the ocean, lunch and dinner determined by the fisherman’s catch of the day, daily walks on the secluded beach, the creature comforts of home in an exotic environment. Chingwede House turns this wishful thinking into a reality.

Set on a cliff 40 feet above the sweeping white sand of Msambweni beach sits the beautiful Chingwede House. From this vantage point, you can watch the fishermen’s dhows silently come in to dock at sunrise. The house is surrounded by doum palms and a forest of indigenous trees assuring your privacy during your stay. Chingwede sleeps 8 guests and is therefore ideal for families or a group of friends looking for a private escape. The house has plenty of activities to enjoy, from visiting Funzi Island and exploring the sandbar to diving in Shimoni or snorkeling in Kisite Marine Park. 

Chingwede House comes fully staffed; Chef Hassan is known to create some of the best Swahili dishes with local delicacies, his fish and seafood repertoire is extensive. Hamisi, the Maitre’d, ensures everything runs smoothly at all times.

Your stay at Chingwede House will remind you of the rural coastal experience 30 years ago. The environs are untouched and the beaches relatively empty. Standing at the pool’s edge, taking in the 180 degree views of the ocean, listening to the bird life and the coconut palms blowing in the wind, imagining a life in Msambweni suddenly doesn’t feel so far from reach.