Great Reasons to Try a Low Season Safari

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What do you picture when it comes to bush safaris? Our strongest guess would be vast expanses of golden savannah dotted with acacia trees and clouds of quickly dissipating dust. This is the classic image of the African bush painted across years of literature, film and photography. However, it isn’t the only reality. A completely different experience lies on the other end of the spectrum and here’s why we think every Nomad should experience a low or ‘green season’ safari.

Zebra in the savannah

Lower Costs

As with most destinations, accommodation and activity rates in the bush drop significantly during off peak seasons. This makes low season travel an excellent option for the adventurer on a budget. While you might be concerned about the rain and not getting to see as much wildlife as you would during drier spells, it’s hardly ever as bad as imagined. Showers rarely last for too long, often starting in the morning giving way to sunny afternoons and then starting again in the late afternoon in the Mara for instance.

Elephant on a game drive

Slower Pace

During high season, most camps and lodges are often teeming with eager tourists and photographers making for a busy atmosphere. The grasslands are frequented by multiple cruisers below and hot air balloons above. This can be exciting especially for a first or second experience in the bush, but if you’d like to take a solo trip to explore or perhaps just get some rest and relaxation, we’d recommend low season travel. Fewer guests also means a more personalised, intimate experience and a slower pace to your days that actually allows you to fully take in the moment.

Sundowner provided by Tilipikwani

Change of Scenery

Low season travel offers a completely unique experience of the bush. Hues of gold, beige and khaki morph into lush greens set against beautiful warm light and dramatic towering clouds. While the classic seared look of drier seasons makes for a gorgeous picture, we’d challenge wildlife and landscape photographers to try their hand during the wet season. The rains make for crisp, clear air creating beautiful colour contrast, so all you need is the right subject and you’re set for the perfect, dramatic shot!

Evening drive with elephant views

New Life

Across many African cultures, rain is life and this is a truth reflected across the plains of East Africa. Grey skies break into warm rains springing up lush grasslands and new flowers from the earth. Rivers break their banks and the humid air quite literally sings with migratory birds and varied insect life. These ideal conditions also translate into several births across species as the younger ones have a higher chance of survival. So if you have a soft spot for baby animals or would love to capture some unique shots, low season is the time to travel.

Cheetah with a young cub

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