Kenya's Most Secluded Islands

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There’s a magical feeling that occurs when visiting the islands of our Kenyan motherland. In this week’s article, we do a deep-dive into the exploration of Kenya’s most remote islands in the country. If you’re looking to break-free from the city, you can now start planning your escape in becoming a ‘castaway!’

Chale Island

Chale Island

Chale Island is a magical fusion of nature and comfort with elegance and romance. It is a headland rather than an island, located at the northern end of Msambweni Bay in Kwale County in southeastern Kenya. It is a stunning white beach fringed by coral reefs and a tidal saltwater lake surrounded by a mangrove forest. A diverse mixture of indigenous and tropical flora attracts a wide variety of fascinating insect and primate lives. Activities you can do at the island are; coral reef diving, Glass-bottom boat rides, game fishing, catamaran sailing and kayaking.



Lake Victoria has countless islands, but only a few have been explored. Takawiri is one such island that has white sandy beaches and cool breezes from palm trees. A boat ride from Rusinga takes one hour to get to the island. There is also a resort called Takawiri Island Resort. Tawakiri is the pure definition of a ‘Coastal’ feel at the lakeside. Activities you can do are; bird watching, photography and fishing. It is also the perfect place to catch the sunset, read a book or meditate.



Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake Turkana, is one of the most attractive places in the country. Very much surrounded by desert, the shores of Lake Turkana present visitors with vastly secluded and uninhabited sandy beaches. The islands found on the Jade Sea have protected breeding grounds for Nile crocodiles and hippos. Lake Turkana has the North, Central and South Island. The North Island is the crater of an extinct volcano, while Central Island comprises many calderas with large pools of water that are home to flamingoes, Nile crocodile and tilapia. The South Island is a National Park that is home to Nile Crocodiles, snakes and hippos. The easiest way to get to Lake Turkana is to take a flight to any two airstrips in Sibiloi National Park and then a boat ride out to the beautiful islands.



Lake Naivasha is home to an island called ‘Crescent Island’, a vibrant game sanctuary with an impossible bird species collection, Waterbucks, Zebras, Gazelles, Wildebeests, and Giraffes. Many of these islands are easy to reach and are an exciting boat ride away. Lake Naivasha is one of the most beautiful parks in Kenya and is often called Naivasha’s best-kept secret. Surrounded by water, it is a peninsula and is currently only accessible by boat from the East or Westside. Activities you can do at Cresent Island are picnicking, game and bird watching and boat riding. Lake Naivasha has more animals per acre than any other Kenyan Park; hence many film companies have been to the island.

If the sea keeps calling you, take heed and head out to any of these four island destinations in Kenya. We promise you will love them!

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