Turnup.Travel held the 5th edition of Nairobi Instagram 24-hour Tour on Saturday 7th September and revealed Global Trade Centre. Indulging in a sunrise shoot on the 36th floor of GTC Tower and an evening cocktail party at their swanky cigar lounge, the tour offered “New Perspectives”. 

Buzzwords including “youth”, “passion”, “innovation”, and “skyline” have recently become the latest tags for the city of Nairobi. Hundreds of vivid photos depicting the energetic and colourful rhythm of life in Nairobi emerged on social networking sites such as Instagram on Saturday 7th September 2019, generating enthusiastic participation and wide online attention as related discussions evolve into a hot topic across the country’s social networks, portals and forums.

This wave of fresh interest and exposure is the result of “New Perspectives” – the latest event of Turnup.Travel and the fifth edition of Nairobi Instagram Tour. The cultural exchange initiative planned by Turnup.Travel and Peri-Peri Go was aimed at capturing the diverse facets of the cosmopolitan city, immersive experiences of everyday life in the city through the lenses of local content creators and expats communities living in Nairobi.

Turnup.Travel has organized four successful Instagram Tours in Nairobi; revealing to the world the undiscovered facets of Nairobi as a “flourishing international metropolis”.

On the 5th edition of Turnup.Travel’s Nairobi Instagram Tour, “New Perspectives” as it’s themed,  Turnup.Travel teamed up with AVIC International’s Global Trade Center (GTC) for the sunrise photography and a cocktail in the evening. Since its launch, the GTC project has drawn worldwide attention. As the latest venue of the IG Tour, it set the stage for an unforgettable 24-hour experience with top-of-the-world visions:

At dawn, we experienced a spectacular Nairobi sunrise, captured the first ray and city skyline at the city’s peak – 184 metres. As night falls, we celebrated and shared Nairobi’s colourful nightlife at the grand cocktail party at the city’s largest private club – the GTC CLUB.

New Center, New World

Global Trade Center Nairobi, East Africa’s first ultra-premium city complex, consists of four major elements including the 184-metre landmark Office Tower, luxury 5-star hotel JW Marriott, 116 metre GTC Executive Residence and a boutique mall. It provides Nairobi’s elite population with a premium, high quality, convenient and safe one-stop working and living platform. Its all-in-one concept is expected to influence and change the lifestyle of the city’s elites while setting new building height records and redefining the city’s skyline. It is destined to attract the flows of capital, talents and information from across the world and serve as the emerging business hub of Nairobi as well as the entire East Africa.

New Height, East Africa’s 184-metre Skyline

Landmark city complexes are always created with extraordinary aspirations. Not only do they dramatically change the city’s outlook, but also enormously boost the city’s profile. Ever since its early planning, GTC always bears the city’s development in mind, trying to contribute to the buildup of the city’s international influence. While reshaping the city’s skyline, GTC will inject endless momentum to the development of itself as well as the region, nurturing an ultra-premium city complex that is vibrant, full of opportunity and potential for further value appreciation. This project will also be an overall upgrade of the elite lifestyle in Kenya.

The height of a city’s tallest building indicates the depth of its development. Nairobi, as a crucial portal linking Africa and the world, is the home base for various Fortune global 500 enterprises. The emerging of the 184 metre 3A PLUS office tower creates a majestically standing business landmark. It serves as both an indicator of Nairobi’s status within the global economy and a showcase of the city’s cutting-edge development. It offers a spectacular skyline vision that an international metropolis rightly deserves, while forging an icon for the city’s central business sector, setting the tone for its future development.

New Life, Ideal Habitat at Height of 116 metres

More than just looking upon the height of the city, people are also looking forward to a dream life at the city’s pinnacle. At 116 metres, GTC Executive Residence – the tallest apartment towers in East Africa, interprets the ultimate East African lifestyle. Redefining the concept of “fine living”, GTC Executive Residence boldly announces its own vision of elegant lifestyle in an international metropolis through its luxurious, graceful architecture and many life/entertainment amenities, such as the 9,600 ㎡ rooftop garden in a modern international style, the 3,181 ㎡GTC CLUB – Nairobi’s largest private club, multi-functional room, international kindergarten (nursery/early education center) and more. Meanwhile, life at GTC Executive Residence is soundly safeguarded by the community’s six IT intellectual security systems. Through its international standards of service, GTC Executive Residence sets the benchmark of a luxury residence, providing an unparalleled living experience.

The 24-hour Nairobi IG Tour revealed Nairobi as a diversified, culturally rich international metropolis. Thanks to GTC, the world’s attention is now drawn to an energetic new city full of surprises and fresh perspectives. Kenya will be ushered into a new chapter of development on the world stage as a new era unfolds itself.

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