The most epic and liberating experiences come with going on a road trip. The sight of the winding roads ahead, the sound of your favourite playlist blaring through the speakers and the feeling of experiencing a new place; all these are what makes a road trip truly memorable and enjoyable.  However, not being well prepared for a road trip can turn your adventure south. Here are some must-haves to ensure your trip is seamless and fulfilling.

Car Essentials

Apart from getting a car that well suits the terrain you’ll be travelling in, there are a few more things that ought to be in check before hitting the road:

  1. Valid car insurance and license
  2. A spare tyre and tool kit
  3. Roadside emergency tool kit
  4. The car’s owner manual
  5. Empty gas can
  6. Fluids: water, extra transmission fluid, wiper washer fluid, and brake fluid, and yes, oil.

Comfort Kit

Now that you’ve taken care of your car, you need to take care of yourself during the trip. Your comfort and well being goes a long way in ensuring your safety and you get to enjoy the road trip.

  1. Drinking water and reusable water bottles
  2. First Aid Kit with medication
  3. Toilet Rolls and Baby Wipes
  4. Hand Sanitizer
  5. Toilet bag with hygiene essentials
  6. Snacks
  7. Chewing Gum/ Mints
  8. A day bag
  9. Flip flops
  10. Towel
  11. Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  12. Garbage bag
  13. Spare money

Seasonal Care Kit

You may experience changing weather patterns during your road trip. As such, you may want to be prepared for the super sunny, chilly or rainy days:

  1. Warm clothing
  2. Rain gear such as umbrellas, raincoat and boots
  3. Bug spray/ balm
  4. Hat/ beanie/ gloves
  5. Blanket/ sleeping bag
  6. Hiking Boots/Shoes
Tech Kit and Entertainment

A road trip would be incomplete without some of these essentials:

  1. A great playlist
  2. Phone chargers/ USB cords
  3. Camera and its charger
  4. Maps app
  5. Portable Speaker
  6. Portable battery charger
  7. Flashlight
  8. Travel games
  9. A good book or two


Throw in a few of these things to complete your road trip essential list:

  1. Cooler box
  2. Travel Pillow
  3. Some utensils
  4. Camping gear
  5. Stove, Gas, Lighter and Cook-set Pack

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