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When exploring the vibrant cultures and stunning landscapes of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, immersing oneself in the local craftsmanship and enterprises can deeply enrich the travel experience, leaving travellers not only with beautiful memories of nature and scenery but of the talented people they met, perhaps even carrying new friendships. 

At Nomad Africa, we believe that personal connections and authentic encounters with these unique brands offers unforgettable insights and memories. Leveraging our close relationships with the owners of these enterprises, we are uniquely positioned to integrate these experiences into your itinerary. 

Read on to discover some of the brands we work with... and get ready to build that wishlist! 

Kenya - Ziada Craft - Taita Taveta 

Ziada Craft offers a curated collection of homeware pieces that are steeped in tradition, crafted in-house, and made by women artisans who are dedicated to preserving the time-honoured practices of Taita-Taveta’s regional craft.
From exquisite handwoven carpets and beautiful baskets to distinctive lighting items.
Ziada Craft blends innovation and sustainability by transforming waste banana stems into home decor pieces. Nestled in a lush banana plantation area, they collaborate with over 1,500 local farmers who supply them with their agricultural waste for their creations.
Exploring the plantation will turn you into a proactive advocate for the crucial shift towards a sustainable supply chain. You will have played an active role in empowering communities while also enjoying an unforgettable experience in Taita-Taveta, a hidden gem close to Kenya's Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. 

Together, Tsavo East and Tsavo West are Kenya’s biggest parks, but they’re often less visited compared to the more popular parks like Maasai Mara and Amboseli. This makes game viewing even more exciting! Furthermore, the proximity to the coast (about 170km) makes this the perfect pit stop before some beachside relaxation. 

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Kenya - Rosenkrantz - Nairobi
Rosenkrantz is a fine and high jewellery brand founded in Tanzania in 2016 by Baron and Baroness Iver and Jhaleh Rosenkrantz. For more than a decade, Iver Rosenkrantz has been mining and sourcing gemstones in some of the most remote parts of Africa. The couple’s unique access to rare and precious gemstones inspired them to create extraordinary pieces of jewellery. Working closely with artisanal miners across the world and discovering new deposits, Rosenkrantz has first-hand access to the most exquisite gemstones.
In 2020 this philosophy inspired Jhaleh and Iver Rosenkrantz to start Zimbaqua - Africa’s first all-women mine. The mine has disrupted the mining industry and made headlines all over the world, but more importantly, it has changed the lives of the women who work there and their families.
You can arrange visits to the exquisite showroom of Rosenkrantz in Nairobi, and given sufficient time, we can also guide visitors through the process of gemstone mining in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe including visits to local artisanal mines.
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Tanzania - Endelea - Dar es Salaam

Most trips to Tanzania will involve a flight either in or out of Dar es Salaam. We really recommend spending at least a day in this vibrant city. Even though it is not a tourist city in the most classic sense: there are no endless lists of museums and monuments to visit, we believe spending time here is the only way to get to know the modern face of Tanzania. 
And one of the places we recommend visiting while in the city is Endelea's workshop. 
Endelea was born with the idea of creating ready-to-wear and accessories in traditional African fabrics with a Made in Italy design. The project was founded by Francesca De Gottardo, who, after having worked in the fashion industry, wanted to give life to a new reality by putting people at the centre, thus giving the brand its ethical imprint and unique identity. Today, Endelea is a Benefit Corporation that lives between Italy and Tanzania and is consistent with an approach that focuses on people and creativity, building value for both customers and communities involved in the supply chain.

If you’re passionate about artisanal fabrics, you can visit the Endelea workshop in the Magomeni area to meet the team and discover what happens behind the scenes, all the way from Milan Fashion Week to the heart of ‘Bongo’.
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Tanzania - TingaTinga Arts Cooperative Society - Dar es Salaam

If you are into art, explore the most artistic and creative soul of the city, starting from the TingaTinga Arts Cooperative Society: a special and magical place where you will discover Tingatinga art, a typical Tanzanian style born in the Sixties, surrounded by crazy colours and all sorts of naive animals from the savannah and urban scenes from life in Dar es Salaam.
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Uganda - Mekeka Designs - Kampala

At Mekeka Designs, each textile in their collection is a testament to Uganda's rich tapestry of ecosystems. From the barkcloth of the mutuba tree, harvested with care during the nourishing rainy seasons, to the intricate plaited structures woven from enkindukindu palm fronds, the fabrics embody nature's craftsmanship. The studio, led by textile artist Lesli Robertson since 2018, is a hub of innovation, respecting Ugandan cultural arts while pushing boundaries with fascinating fabrics and traditional processes.

Partnering with leading figures in Uganda's arts and crafts scene, including researcher and gallery owner Josephine Musaka, acclaimed artist and barkcloth activist Fred Mutebi, and crafts sector veteran Pamela Kyagera, Mekeka Designs celebrates the country's heritage while embracing contemporary creativity.
Dive deeper into Mekeka’s story by visiting the studios, where you can witness firsthand the intricate process of weaving fabrics and experience the vibrant trade that sustains our craft.
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