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In the vibrant tapestry of exploration and narrative, Nomad Africa stands as a dynamic entity, weaving stories not only on magazine pages but also in the very landscapes it unveils. We have seamlessly transformed from the traditional realms of print to the lively role of curators of unforgettable travel experiences. 

The Origin: A Magazine Crafting Africa's Narrative

In 2017, Nomad Africa was born a travel magazine with a passion for unravelling the diverse tapestry of Africa. For years, we painted vivid pictures through words and visuals, becoming a beacon for wanderers seeking to immerse themselves in the continent's richness.

Connecting Travellers with Africa

By 2023, Nomad had years of experience in tracking down all the hidden gems and finding the best experiences across East Africa, and therefore, a natural dual narrative unfolded. The transition from storytelling on magazine pages to crafting immersive journeys has been a testament to our team's commitment to bridging the gap between tales and adventures. Nomad Africa has embraced a role that extends beyond narratives, actively guiding enthusiasts through the very landscapes that inspired its captivating stories.


The Nomad Difference: Magazine Pages and Beyond

What sets Nomad Africa apart is our ability to seamlessly weave magazine tales into real-life adventures. Nomad Africa Travel curates bespoke journeys, ensuring the experiences align with the unique narratives told through the glossy pages. This dual approach offers travellers the chance to read about Africa and be part of its living, breathing story.


Nomad Africa Travel Club: Stories Shared, Adventures Lived

Beyond being a travel agency, Nomad Africa fosters a community through the Travel Club where the love for exploration is the common thread. It's a space where magazine stories transform into shared experiences, creating a vibrant tapestry of friendships and memories that extend beyond the journey's conclusion. 

Nomad Travel Club is a members-only travel club that grants access to offers, great perks and a concierge service that designs trips around YOU. 

As a club member, you can join in on Nomad Experiences where we embark on off-the-beaten-path adventures with groups of like-minded and totally wicked travellers. You can also look through our portfolio of partner properties, see resident rates, and book with us to tailor your trip around your utmost desires. 

Embracing the Future: Dual Narratives, Infinite Adventures

In essence, Nomad Africa's dual odyssey is a celebration of exploration, an ode to nomadic travel, and an invitation to embark on a journey where every step resonates with the heartbeat of Africa. The magazine's pages remain a testament to the beginning, while the Nomad Africa Travel Club extends an invitation to be a part of the ongoing adventure.


Our Top Experiences

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Sasaab Camp

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Bush | Safari
Sala's Camp

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Bush | Safari
Solio Lodge

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