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A new online exhibition dubbed, “ Utamaduni Wetu: Meet the People of Kenya” has been launched on the Google Arts and Culture platform. The exhibition is a collaboration between Google and the National Museums of Kenya aimed at digitizing Kenya’s Cultural Treasures. Kenyans and the world over can use the Google Arts & Culture app to view the treasured exhibits on the platform. The exhibition celebrates Kenya’s history and history makers in addition to paying tribute to the superheroes of today.

The online platform starts by showcasing the different Kenyan communities by telling their history and tales, displaying their ornaments and artefacts and narrating their authentic traditions. It’s a beautiful and exciting way to meet Kenya’s diverse communities.

Google Arts and Culture online exhibition celebrates Kenya’s Culture

An interesting segment called “Shujaa stories” enlightens us about 21 of Kenya’s super heroes. These are the legendary Kenyan warriors that are still admired and celebrated today.

It’s important to also appreciate the interactiveness included on the platform. For example, users are able to take up an interesting quiz to find out who their super alter- ego would be after reading on Kenya’s Superheroes.

Google Arts and Culture online exhibition celebrates Kenya’s Culture

As one continues to scroll, a segment called Ngoma informs of music and dance in our communities. In addition to learning about the cultural value of the traditional songs and dances, it’s amazing to get mind blown by various musical instruments used by different communities. The segment concludes with a beautiful audio visual on Kenya’s musical journey as performed by Musa Omusi.

The platform will also allow you to meet Kenya’s contemporary creatives in the arts and culture scene such as Wanuri on Afrobubblegum art, Osborne with his Afrofuturist narratives and Cyrus , an artist giving trash a second chance.

10 Masterpiece samples from the National Museums of Kenya have been picked out to Tell Kenya’s story. There’s an awesome color band that tells Kenya’s story through colors of various objects. How cool is that? You also get to discover 28 different containers used by Kenyan communities.

Discover the Flair and function in Kenyan fashion by exploring different modes of dressing by Kenyan communities. Get to also discover Kenya’s languages by immersing yourself in varying dialects. Learn Swahili through 21 different sayings embedded on the famous Kangas.

The Google Arts and Culture App will also take you on various virtual reality tours. The platform similarly enables you to get a visual impression of places to visit such as the local musuems, heritage and archeological sites, National Parks as well as other monumental tours to take up.

Google Arts and Culture online exhibition celebrates Kenya’s Culture

Explore more of this incredible platform here!

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