Kitesurfing Spots to Explore in Kenya

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The perfect phrase to describe the feeling you get when kitesurfing is ‘letting go’. Coupled with some adrenaline, the excitement of being at one with some of nature’s most elusive elements; wind and water, is unmatched. There are usually two wind seasons at the coast; the Kaskazi (which translates to ‘north’ in Swahili) and the Kuzi (south). Kaskazi season is from December to April when the winds blow from early morning and the Kuzi season is from June to September, the windiest time of the year. Here are some ideal kitesurfing spots in Watamu and Diani.

Photo/ H2O Extreme

Kitesurfing Spots to Explore in Kenya


Plot 40 Sand Bar

It’s one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations in Kenya. It’s described as ideal for beginners and those who prefer calmer winds. This spot has consistent on-shore wind which means that throughout the season it’s easy to go surfing. Tribe Water Sports is one of the water-sports companies that can organize a surfing experience down at the coast especially for newbies.

Co-ordinates: -3.385653, 39.980977

Kite Beach (Plot 28)

This is a long stretch of up to 5 km and works for all seasons. . The water here is favourable as there are sections where it is flat, wavy and has deep lagoons. It’s also a popular spot and accommodates a large number of tourists. It’s ideal for beginners but experienced surfers can also have a good time here. This beach has clear water which offers wonderful views of coral life.

Co-ordinates: -3.358518, 40.002272

Kitesurfing Spots to Explore in Kenya


This spot is ideal for seasoned surfers and it is best to visit during the Kuzi season. It’s described as having a world-class wave-riding experience. This kite surfing area is about 20 minutes from Watamu town and makes for good exploration.

Co-ordinates: -3.237721, 40.132563

Turtle Bay Sandbar (Plot 5)

Love freestyle surfing? Turtle Bay is one ideal location for that. With a low tide providing flat water, it’s one of the best locations for surfing in Watamu and it’s best to head there during the December to March period. The Watamu Turtle Rock is also located here which offers great views.

Co-ordinates: -3.358690, 40.003774


If you love being isolated and surrounded by water, you’ll find this spot absolutely amazing; you can’t find more than five people at once (on a good day). With clean and deep water, there’s a windy atmosphere and it is touted as one of the best flat water riding spots.

Co-ordinates: -3.315711, 40.085763

Mida Creek Sandbar

What makes this spot appealing is the fact that it’s a ‘secret’ location; as it can only be accessed by boat. It makes for a wonderful adventure and it’s better to head there when the tides are low. It is surrounded by mangrove forests giving an enchanting and unique riding experience. There’s also a large sandbar that sits at the bottom of the creek.

Co-ordinates: -3.338559, 39.968798

Kitesurfing Spots to Explore in Kenya

Short Beach

Located on the mouth of Mida Creek, this beach is fantastic for skilled surfers. It’s ideal to head here during the Kuzi season. Surfers will find this spot great for riding when the winds are light as it’s also good for those who want to try freestyle kitesurfing. The water usually stays knee to waist deep for most of the season. In the evening, the tide merges greatly with the sunset creating beautiful scenery for photography.

Co-ordinates: -3.388467, 39.971290


Kenyaways Kite Village

Run by H20 Extreme, this is the ultimate kitesurfing spot in Diani. You can participate in other activities such as stand up paddling, kayaking bodyboarding and skim boarding. The location is picturesque and has warm temperatures throughout the year. Newbies can also learn kitesurfing at the kite village.

Diani Kite Club

Photo/ Diani Kite Club

Kitesurfing Spots to Explore in Kenya

This spot is located on Galu Beach and is great for kite surfing. Perfect for freestyle kitesurfing, this white sandy beach is unique and it’s easy to catch decent tides. During the Kuzi season, tides can go up as high as 3 metres which creates the best conditions for those who truly want an exciting adventure.

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