New Guidelines Announced for Visitors to the Mara


The Mara has been full of announcements recently, and we wanted to bring you a quick recap of everything we know to date. Read on for the Mara North's new guidelines and the Mara Reserve's ban on private vehicles.

The Mara Noth Conservancy announced some new guidelines designed to improve your safari experience while protecting the environment and wildlife. These common-sense rules will ensure everyone has a chance to see the amazing animals of the conservancy in a safe and responsible way.

Here's a quick rundown:

Respecting the Environment and Wildlife:

  • Responsible Driving: All vehicles must be authorized 4x4 safari vehicles and maintain a strict 40 kph speed limit.
  • Stay in your Vehicle: For safety reasons, getting out of your vehicle is only permitted in designated areas with a ranger guide.
  • Leave No Trace: Always practice responsible waste disposal by taking out everything you bring in.
  • Minimize Disruptions: Avoid loud noises, chasing animals, or littering to preserve the natural environment.

Sharing the Experience:

  • Show Courtesy to Others: Maintain a respectful distance from other vehicles, especially while viewing wildlife.
  • Wildlife Viewing Etiquette: There's a maximum of 5 vehicles allowed near predators at a time. Allow predators space and avoid encircling them.
  • Listen to the Rangers: The rangers are there to ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone. Be friendly and follow their instructions.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Qualified guides: Only accredited drivers and vehicles are allowed on game drives.
  • Night game drives are allowed up to 10 pm with specific lighting restrictions.
  • Drones are prohibited unless authorized by the conservancy management.
  • No pets are allowed on game drives.

By following these simple guidelines, you'll be contributing to a positive and sustainable wildlife tourism experience at the Mara Noth Conservancy. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the wonders of nature while respecting the wildlife and their habitat. 

Download the document for more detailed information.


And what about the Maasai Mara Game Reserve?

The Maasai Mara Game Reserve has banned the use of private vehicles in line with the Maasai Mara Management plan. The vehicles allowed in the reserve have been restricted to Safari trucks, Safari Land Cruisers and Safari Vans. More updates are yet to be released. Guests at the private conservancies are welcome to visit the game reserve, after all, it's all Maasai Mara especially with the Wilderbeest migration coming up. 

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