24 Hours in Paradise: The Seychelles Escape


There's no place in the world quite like the Seychelles. It's a harmonious fusion of breathtaking scenery—crystal-clear waters, lush tropical forests influenced by both African and Asian cultures—and a laid-back pace of life. The Seychelles archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar and east of mainland Africa, just a short 3-hour direct flight from Nairobi, if, like us, that’s where you’re flying from.


Our adventure begins after a smooth journey from Nairobi. Awakening on the Seychelles feels like stepping into a postcard, and it doesn't take long before we find ourselves on the western coast of the island at Glacis Beach. Turquoise waters, scattered granite stones, and swaying palm trees create the quintessential Seychelles scene. Here, we witness the tranquillity of island life as a few fishermen work silently on their nets.

A refreshing swim later, we venture to Beau Vallon, a charming town with colourful houses. Another dip in the ocean, this time surrounded by a few friendly locals, completes the morning perfectly.



A 40-minute journey takes us through thick rainforest and steep hills to the island's southwestern side. For lunch, we grab a delicious takeaway of mixed fried seafood from Leo's food truck.

Refueled, we explore the renowned Takamaka distillery, famous for its tropical-flavored rum. Don't miss the unique vanilla and coffee-infused options!

At 3 PM, the afternoon winds down with a beautiful drive through green forests, leading us to Anse Soleil. This beautiful beach with palm trees, golden sand, and pristine waters becomes our haven for the afternoon. As the sun dips below the horizon, we soak in the peace and silence of a stunning sunset.



Despite the modest population, the islands come alive in the evenings. Locals and tourists mingle in Victoria, the capital, and the village of Beau Vallon, offering a range of options for good food and drinks.

(24 hours later)

Our incredible Seychelles adventure continued beyond the first 24 hours on Mahé's shores. We set sail for the nearby islands, seeking an hour of solitude amidst the dramatic rocky shores and lush vegetation. The vibrant marine life and coral reefs, teeming with colour leave us in awe.

Being Sunday, we encounter Seychellois families gathered on Isle Moyenne for a day of leisure, adding a touch of cultural immersion to our island experience. Witnessing this glimpse into local life creates a deeper connection with the Seychelles.


Farewell, Seychelles, Until Next Time

As much as we cherished every moment, it was time to say goodbye. The Seychelles truly stands out as a gem for ocean and forest lovers. It offers the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and smooth travel. As our Kenya Airways flight takes off, the island slowly disappears beneath the clouds. Night falls as we cruise over the Indian Ocean, leaving behind unforgettable memories. The allure of Praslin and La Digue's remote wonders whisper promises of a future return.

                                                                                                                                                                            Article by Riccardo and Linda Jonsson                                                                       

Inspired to chase sunshine? The Seychelles awaits! With idyllic beaches and turquoise waters, it's paradise found. The best times to visit for calm seas are April-May and October-November. Book your Seychelles adventure today!

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