The Magic of Maya Kobe; Bofa Beach.

The magic of Maya at Kobe Bofa Beach with Nomad Africa. Explore beach destinations, relaxation, and coastal beauty.

The warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air, entwined with the salty sea breeze as the first rays of the morning sun danced upon the azure pool waters. 

This was the kind of morning I could only dream about waking up to. But here I was. Somebody pinch me!

Kilifi is a charming coastal town that is home to picturesque creeks and mangrove forests. Located on the white sands of Bofa Beach, lies an extraordinary beach house that I got to call home. Maya Kobe – She was stunning.

In the early hours of dawn, when the world was still waking up from its slumber; Maya Kobe showed off her coastal charm in those moments of quiet intimacy. With rooms that opened up to uninterrupted views of a stunning pool framed with palm trees and set against the majestic backdrop of the Indian Ocean – she was simply an oasis of tranquillity.

Mandatory unspoken rituals of a beach getaway meant that you could not miss the sunrise from the beach below. The sunrise came with her own palette of colours, creating a magical ambience albeit for a few short minutes. Blink, and it was gone.

Fellow beach lovers walked and twisted to graceful yoga poses. I dodged incoming waves like a clumsy ninja. It’s all an art. 


Bofa Beach remains the essence of Kilifi town – undisturbed, vibrant and full of life. From watersports to the occasional turtle spotting, this is one of the few unspoilt beaches that offers you an authentic blend of beach experiences.

Back at Maya Kobe, she was an architect’s lover. Her distinct Balinese style was prominently alluring. Her indoor elegance intertwined effortlessly with the outdoor oasis that elevated my experience to one of unparalleled luxury and comfort. Everything here harmonized with the ocean's melody.

A refreshing swim later; a delightful spread awaited us at the ocean-facing gazebo. Breakfast amidst the palms and in the lush gardens of Maya Kobe created a much needed atmosphere of seclusion and intimacy. After all, it’s no secret that a holiday is an absolute success if you’ve dined and wined like a king. And this beach house? She treated us like royalty. 

There is an inherent magic at Maya Kobe that sparks passion and etches an indelible tale of love within the walls of this beachfront sanctuary…Through many playful escapades in the sand and endless swims under the stars, this is undoubtedly one of Kilifi’s finer gems. 

Written by Nilpa Shah1-Dec-08-2023-01-44-38-4205-PM

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