Safari and Sand: A Family Kenyan Adventure

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The ultimate family holiday filled with adventure, wildlife and culture. Explore Kenya’s gateway to the north and track rhinos on foot, explore the wilderness on horseback and get a look at the behind the scenes of wildlife conservation. Witness the wildlife of the iconic Masai Mara, and immerse your family in a rich culture of the Maasai. Conclude your dream vacation on the Kenyan coast with relaxation and water sports. This journey promises memories to last a lifetime.

Trip Constellation Options

1 night   (Nairobi)

Arrive in Nairobi and recharge amid lush greenery in the Karen suburbs. Families can spend a day and night in the comfortable Karen Gables house, conveniently located near the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Karen Blixen Museum, and Giraffe Center. The perfect start to your African adventure!"



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3 nights   (Safari Wilderness)

Over three days, immerse yourselves in the natural wonders of the conservancy in which Lewa Wilderness is located. Explore the vast savannahs on thrilling game drives, encountering majestic wildlife up close. Engage in enriching cultural interactions with local communities, gaining insight into their way of life.
For the little ones, Lewa Wilderness offers kid-friendly activities, including educational nature walks where they can learn about the flora and fauna. The conservancy's friendly atmosphere encourages children to embrace the outdoors. Additionally, discover the joy of horseback safaris, providing a unique perspective on the wilderness.
Whether you're observing rhinos, enjoying horseback rides, or simply basking in the serene surroundings, each moment at Lewa Wilderness promises unforgettable family bonding and a deep connection with nature.

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Elewana Sand River Masai Mara_Activities_Masai Warrior Training

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3 nights   (Beach Time )

Indulge in a delightful family escape at Kinondo Kwetu, nestled along the stunning shores of Diani Beach. Over three days, immerse yourselves in a tropical paradise where azure waters meet lush greenery. For families, Kinondo Kwetu offers an array of kid-friendly activities, from sandcastle-building on the beach to exciting snorkeling adventures exploring vibrant coral reefs. Engage in interactive cultural experiences, immersing your little ones in the local way of life.
Spend your days soaking up the sun, enjoying refreshing swims in the pool, and indulging in beachfront picnics. Let your children's imagination roam free as they explore the resort's expansive grounds. Delight in sumptuous family meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients, bringing the flavours of coastal Kenya to your table.
Evenings are for relaxing under the starlit sky, listening to the gentle lapping of waves. With warm hospitality and a wealth of family activities, Kinondo Kwetu promises an unforgettable getaway, creating cherished memories for all members of the family.

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Optional Add-on   (Fly Camping)

Discover the enchanting world of fly camping at Lewa Wilderness, where families can embark on a unique adventure accompanied by friendly camels. These gentle creatures add a touch of magic to your wilderness experience, carrying your essentials and enhancing the sense of exploration. With the camels by your side, your family can delve into the heart of nature, immersing in the wild beauty of Kenya while forging unforgettable bonds. This extraordinary journey, coupled with the companionship of camels, creates a truly memorable and enriching family expedition.

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Optional Add-on   (Nairobi Farm Tours )

Experience the charm of Nairobi's countryside with farm tours and tea and coffee plantation visits, perfect for families seeking a blend of adventure and education. Engage in hands-on activities at local farms, learning about sustainable agriculture and connecting with farm animals. Delight in guided tours through lush tea and coffee plantations, where fragrant aromas fill the air, and knowledgeable guides share the secrets of cultivation.

Children can enjoy interactive experiences, like picking fresh fruits and vegetables, understanding the art of coffee bean roasting, and witnessing the tea-making process from leaf to cup. These family-friendly excursions not only offer a taste of rural life but also provide valuable insights into Kenya's rich agricultural heritage. It's an educational adventure that both parents and children can cherish, fostering a deeper appreciation for the origins of the foods we love.


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