3 night Fly in; A Gorilla Experience

starting from USD $2,800

Deep in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest live 11 gorilla families and you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures - an experience on many people’s ‘bucket list’. 

Treks start early in the morning, with the mountains still full of low clouds and mist. These expeditions can range from an hour to a full day and you get to spend time with these magnificent primates and watch the silverback and his family enjoy their slow pace of life amongst the greenery of the forest clouds, veiled in ethereal mist, creating a canvas of otherworldly beauty.


  • Bucket List experience! Spend 1 hour up close and personal with a mighty Gorilla Family 
  • Arrive in style in a Cessna Caravan with incredible views on the landscape
  • Stay at multi award winning eco lodge 
  • Participate in additional activities such as walking safari's and cultural visits 

Trip Constellation Options

Day 1   (A lakeside welcome)

Upon touching down on the shores of Lake Victoria, check into the Guinea Fowl Guest House in Entebbe. Surrounded by lush greenery, let your day unfold in the tranquil embrace of the town.

Enjoy leisurely bike rides, explore the vibrant Botanical Gardens, or simply lounge by the local pool—a perfect prelude to the adventures that lay ahead.




Day 2   (Flight to Bwindi, Gorillas Await!)

An early breakfast will set the tone for the day's expedition. A scenic flight transports you to Bwindi in the south west, with promises of untamed beauty. Be met by 4x4 land cruiser and driven to the lodge - a scenic 90 minute journey.  Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge sits at a 7000-ft altitude on a magnificent ridge with stunning views across the rugged landscapes and the entire Virunga Volcanoes chain backdrop. The multi award winning eco lodge offers walking safari adventures & cultural trials around the rural landscape to complement the gorilla trekking excursions or simply take a massage and enjoy a delectable dinner with breathtaking views. 

Sunrise over the forest suite






Day 3   (A Bucket List Unveiling)

Bucket list day! time to fulfill a bucket list surrounded by the ancient and mystical Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Whether it be the awe-inspiring encounter with the majestic mountain gorillas, the trek through the lush foliage, or the moments of quiet reflection amidst nature's grandeur, Day 3 is the chapter in your adventure tale.


Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge

Rwamutwe Nkuringo Gorilla Group Silverback_1-1



Day 4   (Farewell, Homeward Bound)

The journey beckons back to Entebbe, where their flight homeward awaits. The scenic flight back offers one last glimpse of Uganda's diverse landscapes. With the memories of Bwindi's enchantment and the tranquility of Entebbe lingering, board your flight home, carrying the spirit of adventure and the echoes of the wild.

Originally Kazinga National Park with the Kazinga channel connecting the Lakes; Edward in the south and George in the north - it was renamed QENP after Queen Elizabeth visited Uganda in 1954. It's the most popular savanna in Uganda in part due to the opportunity to spot the elusive tree-climbing lions in Ishasha. QENP is home to over 200 lions as the park is a conservation unit for the beasts. 

The Kazinga channel lends itself to some of the best water-based safari experiences. Lone male buffalo hiding out from predators, herds of Elephants taking a bath, hippos, birds, crocs and monitor lizards are just a few that are often found on its banks. 

Reception Area


Bwindi NP 30 copia



Mighty Murchison Falls in the early evening
Safari | Bush | Primates | Adventure
The Mighty Murchison Falls

starting from $2,800

Safari | Bush | Primates | Adventure
The Best of the South West; Safari & Great Apes

starting from $7,200


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