6 Activities To Try For The Rustic Traveller

6 activities for the rustic traveller. Explore adventure, outdoor activities, nature, travel, and rustic experiences.

For the travel enthusiast, an architecture lover or simply somebody interested in interior decor, the term ‘rustic’ has probably come your way. Signaling the simpler pleasures of life, rustic properties take a charming, no-fuss approach typical to the countryside. However, a great retreat isn’t complete without a well-thought out itinerary.

Below are some fun, wholesome activities to help you reconnect with nature and embrace a more mindful approach to life on your next rustic holiday!

rustic holiday

1. Go Foraging

One of the oldest traits associated with humans, foraging is a unique way to connect with the land and learn more about wild food sources. For a unique foraging experience we’d recommend Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp. Certainly a little more ‘bush’ than it is ‘country’ but well worth the experience. You will be guided by Letilet, the camp’s in-house Dorobo guide who has spent years living off the land and is a well of knowledge when it comes to the herbs, grains and roots growing in the area. At the end of it all, you also get to enjoy a forged dining experience from what you’ve collected!

Go Foraging

2. Make Your Own Bread

From the feel of soft dough in your hands as you knead, to the smell of warm wheat baking in an oven, bread-making is one of those homey activities that connects us to the simpler things. Olepangi Farm opens its kitchen as part of the full farm-experience to guests keen on baking the day’s bread with the chefs. Taste your own kneaded bread right out the oven and share with family and friends!

Make Your Own Bread

3. Fruit Picking In An Orchard

We can’t imagine a better way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon than roaming through a lush orchard. Tucked away in Murang’a is Eco Farmhouse’s beautiful 500-acre fruit farm hosting several rows of citrus trees, mangoes and even a few dragon fruit. Wandering through the estate makes the perfect family boutique farm adventure which is great for inquisitive kids.

Fruit Picking In An Orchard

 Eco Farmhouse’s

4. Fish In The Highlands

If you’d rather go fishing instead, perhaps try a mountain retreat up in the Kenyan highlands. Mount Kenya National Park is home to Ragati Conservancy and the pristine Ragati River. In the 1920’s and 30’s, the river was stocked with rainbow trout which, over generations, have turned a unique red color dubbed “Ragati Red”. As the conservancy works on developing their own farm to continue to stock the fish, they regularly restock the river from local fisheries. Enjoy a few fruitful hours of fishing or, for the particularly adventurous, wake up early and try an overnight heli fishing trip.

Fish In The Highlands

 Ragati Conservancy

5. Channel Your Young One’s Inner Farmer

Among the delightful activities Olepangi Farm has to offer is the opportunity to be part of the farm’s day to day rhythm. For families travelling with young ones, they have an excellent Young Farmer’s Club. This is all about getting the children learning and experiencing the rhythm of farm life in a fun and hands-on way. They will participate in daily activities by milking the cows, riding the horses, playing with the dogs and collecting eggs from the hen run. They also get to engage in the daily duties around the vegetable gardens, how to make bread, butter and jam and of course nature adventures, building dens, enjoying picnic, playing sports and having a lot of fun!

One’s Inner Farmer

6. Go On A Nature Walk

Perhaps the simplest ways to reconnect with nature and find some grounding. Nature walks allow you to take in your environment in a more personal way and foster a deeper appreciation of the natural world and the roles different flora and fauna play. Take a walk in the Northern Moorlands of the Aberdares National Park when visiting Cedar Retreat’s forest. Breathe in the crisp Kenyan mountain air and explore and connect with nature.

Go On A Nature Walk

And just a little tip, if you’re a digital nomad or a rustic traveler, you’re definitely going to love Emboo River Camp’s Studio. Surrounded by trees and overlooking the river, you get a quiet space to work, create and possibly reboot. The studio includes a work area, living space, balcony, bedroom and bathroom and was created with photographers, writers, painters, graphic designers and digital nomads in mind.

When photographers are using the Studio, the Photo Studio includes editing and camera equipment.  Additionally, Emboo River occasionally hosts expert photographers who can teach and assist you on photography and editing.

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