Safari Magic: Canopy Coves & Elevated Escapes

starting from USD $6,750

Discover the untamed wilderness and remarkable wildlife in two of Kenya's most prestigious safari destinations, all while supporting conservation efforts. Stay in top-shelf game lodges and safari camps that seamlessly blend contemporary comfort with eco-conscious practices designed and presented by conservation leaders. Witness the awe-inspiring wildlife via meaningful experiences that will make this the trip of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in the finest that Kenya has to offer, where upscale travel meets a deep commitment to conservation.


  • Enjoy total stillness in nature, amongst a canopy of trees in an ancient forest glade.                               
  • Support foundations which preserve cultural independence and build economic strength through locally led initiatives.
  • Disconnect from modern life, go off-grid and immerse yourself in authentic cultural experiences.         
  • Ride Wild amidst the landscapes and wildlife of Kenya’s newest and most successful rhino sanctuary.  
  • Visit Reteti Elephant Sanctuary and watch the elephants come in from their walk to receive their bottles and have mud hole playtime. Afterwards, you will be given a behind-the-scenes tour of the sanctuary.

Trip Constellation Options

1 night   (Nairobi)

Begin your Kenyan adventure in Nairobi, where urban wonders meet wilderness magic. Explore vibrant markets and historical sites, then recharge at Eden Hemingways. Dive into Nairobi's culinary scene and visit local farms. If time allows, explore lush tea farms in Limuru, savouring freshly brewed Kenyan tea (locally referred to as chai). It's a journey that not only enriches the soul but also provides a tantalizing taste of Kenya's natural abundance, setting the perfect tone for the safari adventure awaiting just beyond the city's borders.

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3 nights   (Northern Frontier)

Explore the tranquil oasis of Samburu at Sarara Camp and Treehouses, a hidden gem in Northern Kenya's Namunyak Conservancy, away from the typical tourist trails. Other than your "traditional" Big 5, encounter the extraordinary "Samburu 5" wildlife – reticulated giraffes, Grevy's zebras, Beisa oryx, Somali ostriches, and gerenuks – exclusively found in this region, earning them their unique name. Join a thrilling rhino tracking expedition led by dedicated local rangers and engage deeply in the vibrant local culture with the Samburu people, often affectionately known as the "Butterfly People" due to their decorative style of dress, their deep reliance on livestock and a tribal way of life. This exclusive experience offers an intimate glimpse into nature's wonders and the vital conservation efforts, leaving travellers with unforgettable memories and a profound appreciation for this remarkable destination.

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3 nights   (Intrepid Conservation)

Embark on a journey into the raw wilderness at Borana Lodge, where history and wildlife unite in harmony. Situated within Borana Conservancy, this haven was transformed from degraded land into thriving wilderness, offering a totally unique experience. Explore the savannah on foot, unveiling the subtleties of the ecosystem, or opt for exhilarating horseback safaris, feeling the pulse of the wilderness beneath you. For a sustainable twist, ride electric bicycles through the conservancy, effortlessly gliding past wildlife. Encounter nature up close, forging a deep connection with the environment. Borana offers an immersive, eco-conscious safari experience, redefining adventure amidst Kenya's untamed beauty.

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Optional Add-on   (Scenic Safari)

Embark on a truly extraordinary safari experience aboard a small chartered 4-seater caravan plane. Buckle up for a scenic flight that unveils the vast African savannah in all its grandeur from a unique vantage point. As you soar above the landscape, witness the patchwork of plains, meandering rivers, and clusters of wildlife below. From the air, the savannah unveils its secrets, offering a perspective unlike any other.

This aerial safari not only provides breathtaking views but also allows you to cover vast distances swiftly, maximizing your chances of encountering diverse wildlife. Experience the thrill of spotting animals from above, capturing their natural behaviours in the wild. Whether it's the golden glow of sunrise or the soft hues of sunset, the changing light enhances the enchantment of this scenic adventure. 



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Optional Add-on   (Sun, Sand, Serenity)

After your time in the bush, you can always escape to some blissful days on the coast. Mornings start with tranquil beach activities, followed by thrilling water sports. Afternoons offer spa indulgence and cultural explorations. Evenings are for romantic beachside dinners and storytelling under the stars. Every moment is a blend of relaxation and excitement, creating lasting memories by the Indian Ocean.


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starting from USD $3,200

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