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Kenya is endowed with a beautiful collection of islands that are worth exploring. From beautiful coastal islands to exotic lake islands in the north and west, a trip to these heavenly slices will leave you satisfied and awed. 



Exploring La Digue by Bike

La Digue: Cycling in Paradise

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24 Hours in Paradise: The Seychelles Escape

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Kenya Dhow Safari: Tusitiri Dhow - Lamu Adventure

Sail Through History: Luxurious Adventures on the Tusitiri Dhow

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Chumbe Island: A Model for Marine Conservation Success

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FlipFlopi flip flopi project Lamu Kenya

Setting Sail for Change: The Inspiring Journey of the FlipFlopi Project

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The magic of Maya at Kobe Bofa Beach with Nomad Africa. Explore beach destinations, relaxation, and coastal beauty.

The Magic of Maya Kobe; Bofa Beach.

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Beach Fun Activities: Beach games, water sports, sunbathing, beach relaxation, seaside fun, coastal activities.

Fun Activities at the Beach Right Now

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Rhinoceros Conservation: Endangered species protection, wildlife preservation, rhino conservation efforts, wildlife habitat, conservation initiatives.

Conservation of the Rhinoceros

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Preserving Paradise: Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, marine biodiversity, conservation efforts, sustainable practices, coastal preservation.

Preserving Paradise: The Lamu Marine Conservation Trust

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Where to Travel Next According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Finding Humpback Whales: Whale watching, marine adventure, humpback migration, ocean wildlife, nature exploration, aquatic wonders.

Finding Humpback Whales

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Silver porcelain: old tales from Lamu. Explore history, culture, heritage, architecture, and travel in Lamu, Kenya.

Silver, Porcelain & Old Tales from Lamu

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Discover beautiful romantic hideaways. Explore luxury accommodations, breathtaking views, romantic escapes, and memorable experiences.

Beautiful Romantic Hideaways

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Discover luxury at its finest with an insider's glimpse into the mesmerizing beauty of Msambweni Beach House Villas in Kenya. Indulge in coastal opulence and breathtaking views.

Insider Visit to Msambweni Beach House & Villas

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Leopard Beach Resort: Experience luxury on Kenya's coast with Nomad Africa. Explore beachside relaxation, gourmet dining, and water sports.

Leopard Beach Resort

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Scenic retreat offering heavenly views, luxury amenities, relaxation, and adventure. Unwind in tranquility at this top-rated destination.

Heavenly Stay

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Discover Kenya's secluded islands with Nomad Africa's article. Explore hidden paradises, pristine beaches, and exclusive getaways.

Kenya's Most Secluded Islands

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Top 5 Sundowner Spots: Kenya travel, scenic vistas, sunset views, sundowner locations, Kenya tourism, picturesque settings.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Sundowner Spots In Kenya

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Beach Accommodation: Coastal lodging, Kenya coast, seaside resorts, beachfront hotels, coastal stays, Kenya tourism.

Beach Accommodation: Places to Stay at the Coast | Nomad

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Watamu treehouse inspiration. Discover unique accommodations, coastal beauty, luxury amenities, and unforgettable experiences in Watamu, Kenya.

Watamu Wellness Weekend

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Dive into the enchanting world of dolphins with Nomad Africa's 'A Dolphin Affair'. Explore marine life, conservation, and eco-tourism in this captivating adventure.

A Dolphin Affair

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Kitesurfing Spots in Kenya: Discover thrilling watersports with Nomad Africa. Explore adventure, beaches, and coastal beauty.

Kitesurfing Spots to Explore in Kenya

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Barefoot Heaven at Manda Bay: Beach paradise, luxury resort, Kenyan coast, barefoot luxury, Indian Ocean, tropical retreat, beachfront accommodation.

Barefoot Heaven at Manda Bay

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My Lamu Experience: Cultural immersion, Lamu Island, Swahili heritage, coastal beauty, travel memoir, African charm, island lifestyle.

Something Old, Something New: My Lamu Experience

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Island Idyll: Tropical paradise, beach escape, island retreat, coastal beauty, exotic getaway, serene landscapes.

Zanzibar Tanzania Island Holiday

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Capturing the Underworld: Underwater photography, marine life, ocean exploration, diving adventures, aquatic wonders, underwater landscapes.

Capturing The Underworld

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Enchanting Kenyan Islands: Coastal beauty, island getaway, Kenya travel, exotic destinations, tropical paradise, island exploration.

Visit These Enchanting Kenyan Islands

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Where the Devil Cooks: Volcanic landscapes, geothermal wonders, travel adventure, natural phenomena, otherworldly beauty.

Where The Devil Cooks

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Coastal Forest Adventure: Nature exploration, biodiverse ecosystems, coastal wilderness, hiking trails, scenic beauty, outdoor adventure.

Journeying Into A Coastal Forest

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Feast around town with Nomad Africa's culinary guide. Discover dining, cuisine, and foodie hotspots for a delightful gastronomic experience.

Where To Feast Around Kilifi

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Explore where the past runs deep with Nomad Africa. Discover history, culture, and heritage in captivating destinations.

Where The Past Runs Deep

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Explore Distant Relatives Kilifi with Nomad Africa's comprehensive hotel review. Discover eco-friendly accommodations, sustainability, and coastal charm.

Hotel Review: Distant Relatives Kilifi

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Discover the charm of Lamu with 'A Lamu Cure' by Nomad Africa. Explore culture, heritage, and tranquility in this coastal paradise.

A Lamu Cure

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