Roop Singh Khalsa, also known as Roop wears many hats. He is an Electronics and Programming expert on high end vehicles.  He is a travel enthusiast and loves exploring on his KTM Adventure motorcycle. He is the first Adventure Motorcyclist from the Sikh community, not only in Kenya but also in Africa. It is hard to find him off his bike as he finds solace in being outdoors.

What’s your most memorable and adventurous ride (s) ?

That would have to be my ride to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. I went for the ride with my friends and it took us 3 days. From sourcing for fuel in unexpected places to celebrating the Ethiopian New year upon arrival, I must admit that this is one of my favourite adventures. It is prudent to mention that it is not often you would meet a group of riders with big bikes in Ethiopia and as such many people were excited upon seeing the bikes. Immersing myself in Ethiopia’s rich culture was one of my highlights. The traditional food, coffee and hospitality will have me going back there again.

Another memorable ride was going randomly to Garissa, Lamu and thereafter Malindi. We however had to park the bikes at a Local’s home for two days then take a boat to Manda Island and Shela. Feeling the breeze came as a relief after a long adventurous ride.

What satisfaction do you get in being outdoors, especially with your bike?

The experience you get when you are outdoors is priceless. There is so much satisfaction when the sun hits your face in the morning, relaxing to a magical sunset or being soothed by the sound of the river and birds chirping. 

Getting around by bike will definitely take you farther and deeper within a short time whilst being in contact with all elements of nature. The sense of self-sufficiency and independence that comes with exploring with a motorcycle is unmatched. All you need is a great playlist to listen to inside your helmet and you are off to an enjoyable ride. 

What’s your dream adventure itinerary (ride destination)

I would say the dream is to travel the world on my motorcycle. I believe life is short and riding to as many destinations as possible makes every second count. Meeting new people, capturing moments, happily accepting surprises on the road and enjoying every kilometer of the journey- this for my is the true adventure.

Would you trade you bike for a car? 🙂 

No I wouldn’t.  Any person who owns a car should make an effort to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The thrill of riding a motorcycle is riveting. 

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    23 July 2019

    This is an exciting read Roop.
    Feels like am the one doing it.I should learn how to handle a bike and explore the world in it. Seriously!


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